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Meet Natasha Longman: Your Spiritual Guide to Holistic Healing 🌟


At the heart of our journey towards spiritual renewal and holistic wellness stands Natasha, an energy healer, spiritual coach, energy card reader, and mentor. With an unwavering passion for realigning and nurturing your higher soul, enabling you to push in the right direction. Natasha's incredible journey began as a child, born into a line of spiritual women healers, she discovered her innate connection to the metaphysical world. It has since blossomed into a profound calling to help others heal from traumas, life changing events, finding their true purpose, and reconnect with their past lives to bring the very best version of your soul into reality.


🌌 A Healing Visionary:

Natasha's profound belief in the healing power of crystals, energy work, and energy card reading has been with her since childhood. By the tender age of seven, she had already embarked on a transformative path, learning to work with crystals. Her journey has evolved, leading her to become a Reiki Teacher, energy card reader, light language coach and spiritual mentor. Today, she utilizes a unique blend of healing modalities, including reiki, crystal work, energy card reading, soul alignment, past life recall, and the mystical language of light to release traumas from within the body.


✨ Illuminating Past Lives:

Natasha's clients often experience a profound sense of release during their sessions. They report feeling lighter, more self-aware, and sometimes even connected to their past life experiences. Her ability to tune into and mend the energetic imprints of the past is a testament to her unique approach to healing and past life recall.


🌈 Balancing Energy and Chakras:

Natasha firmly believes that behind every ailment lies an unhealed trauma. Her work is dedicated to realigning chakras, promoting soul alignment, and reinvigorating her clients' energy. She integrates grounding techniques, crystals, meditation, dance, numerology, life path numbers, colours and colour therapy into their daily routines, empowering them to maintain their newfound balance and vitality.


🔮 The Power of Crystals:

Natasha's healing sessions are a testament to her commitment to quality and excellence. She employs only high-vibrational, ethically sourced, and grade-A crystals. The palpable energy they exude serves as a conduit for positive energy flow, removing blockages and promoting profound healing and transformation.


🌅 Empowerment Through Workshops:

In addition to her healing sessions, Natasha hosts empowering workshops, where she shares her wisdom and techniques to help clients harness their own energy, rewrite limiting beliefs, and craft their destinies. As a mentor in light language, she is dedicated to teaching her clients the art of communication through this ethereal language.  She is able to bring the light language through from her unique downloads which is tailored just for you.  Tapping into your unique soul languages and tapping into your frequency codes.  Realigning, rewiring and changing the old patterns for your transformation.


🌟 Join Us on Your Healing Journey:

Natasha created Always Believe in Miracles as not just a place but a space for transformation but under her visionary guidance, can offer one-on-one sessions and enriching group workshops, providing a nurturing environment for personal growth and inner harmony. Natasha's compassionate guidance and intuitive insights will light your path, offering you a renewed sense of purpose and vitality.


💫 Experience the Miracle of Transformation:

Join us on a journey towards spiritual renewal, holistic wellness, and the profound belief that miracles are within reach. Find below a list of services Natasha provides 🌟

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