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House Cleansing

We have all walked into a space and instantly felt an aura. It could be a sense of calm and warmth or cold, giving you a sense of unease. Sometimes, something just feels “off”. This can be even more keenly felt in our homes. After all, our houses aren't just places full of physical objects. What makes a house a home is energy! 

The energy of our homes impacts our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. That's why it's crucial to clear stagnant energy and create a harmonious space.


Sage smudging, an ancient technique, is the first step in this process. By burning sage, you can remove blocked and old energy to allow the flow of new, positive energy in its place. Each cleansing process is fully personalised to you, your space and the energy you wish for.

For more information on these services or to book an appointment, please contact:

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