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Christmas Is Coming!

Hello beautiful souls,

I hope everyone is doing well; I know the weather has been gloomy and getting colder by the day but we can still find gratitude in the small things. Lots of things to do with the run up to the Christmas season, so its important that we every party or festive function the next day we cleanse! Ready for the next one. Multiple cups of hot lemon water and ginger,I find really helps me get going in the morning. A great detox and self love routine.

Knowing what to get our loved ones. Well, this year will be different! We are fully stocked, and we have plenty of gift sets, like our Meditation Intention Crystal Set, containing three of my favourite crystals, Raw Smoky Quartz, Raw Amethyst & Raw Clear Quartz. Our healing crystal bracelets would make fabulous stocking fillers, especially for those who want to carry their healing journey with them. Each product comes with a card telling you what the crystal does and how it will help you in your everyday life.

Our gifts already come in a decorative box with a Always Believe In Miracles bag, saving you from the stress of gift wrapping them.

We recently restocked our Selenite Cleansing Bowl in all our classic shapes. All our Selenite bowls are white and have many healing and mystical properties to the crystal. Used for good luck, protection, strengthens memory, activating the crown and higher chakras. These bowls heal negative energy and fears, provide alignment and cleansing abilities, and are excellent for spiritual work. Great for placing your other crystals, as Selenite cleanses the other crystals. Also perfect for placing jewellery and other trinkets.

Our Selenite Bowls are perfect for your loved ones; send them with positive and aligned energy into the new year.

Do you know someone that loves well-being and beauty products? Then I recommend our facial Gua Sha rollers, with their many benefits. Perfect for increasing blood circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage, reducing jaw and muscle pain in the face and reducing puffiness and giving a radiant glow. Each roller creates a different effect on the skin and makes the perfect gift for any skincare lover this Christmas.

We have three different crystal rollers, the classic Rose Quartz, Jade Quartz and Clear Quartz and our Gua Sha sets that contain a facial roller and facial stone. If a roller is not for you, we also have a Jade stone eye mask, perfect for those puffy eyes after the Christmas festivities.

A little secret, our facials rollers feel great on the skin when cold, I recommend placing it in the fridge for added benefits and sensation.

With all that, some people are still not easy to shop for. When I find myself lacking in ideas for those fussy individuals, I turn to gift cards; I think we all do. You can’t go wrong with a gift card; we have an Ecard option where you can choose the amount you want to give that particular person or if you want to spoil yourself this year.

As the New Year approaches, why not gift your loved ones a ticket to our Crystal Energy Healing Services. So many people want to know about their past lives, and we offer that as a service too as well as energy card readings. Please email or DM if you would like to gift a loved one a reading or bespoke a session for them. This is a really unique service and often, people walk away feeling freer, with more clarity in their lives.

There are so many more gift ideas on our website, take a look if you are looking for something for a loved one this Christmas. Christmas will be different with these little trinkets or treatments in your stocking.

I hope everyone has a lovely day, don’t let the lack of sunshine burst your positive energy. Make your own sunshine today.

Sending you love and sunshine.


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