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Ametrine soothes emotions & relieves depression by calming the most active mind, clearing stress and tension from the head. Enhances compatibility, acceptance of others, while taking control of ones own life.  Strengthens concentration, instigates change and eases transition.


Ametrine works well in strengthening your immune system, while aiding the nervous system as well.  Anyone suffering from mental or emotional exhaustion, this is an excellant stone to carry around with you.


Naturally a form of Quartz, it is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine, combined together giving great healing powers.


💜 Relieves stress

💜 Creativity

💜 Healing of body, mind and soul

💜 Spiritual growth

💜 Strength

💜 Alignment

💜 Balance

💜 Calms 

💜 Clarity 

💜 Harmony


Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd) & Crown (7th)
Zodiac: Libra
Element: Water, Air
Numerology: Number 4


Ametrine 8mm Bracelet (Grade A)


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