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Clear Quartz Crystal Clip - Crystal of Higher Vibration.


Draws blessing of all kinds into your life, believed to bring the stars into your soul, enhances your spiritual awareness and intensifies the awakening process and harmonizes energies.


  • Energy

  • Healing

  • Psychic abilities 

  • Clarity

  • Harmony


Chakra: Crown

Planet: Sun

Zodiac: All birth signs

Element: All x4 (Earth, Fire, Air & Water)

Numerology: Number 4

Affirmation: ''I am radiant and I am light''


Clear Quartz is a 10th Anniversary gemstone.


One of picture above shows x2 small clear quartz clips and x2 large ones.  The choose is yours, small or Large clips :)


Please note that all clips are different as no crystal is ever the same.  


Handmade with Love, happiness and many blessings.


Clear Quartz Clips - Small


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