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Please note: Price is per Tumbled Stone & Selenite bowl is not included - thank you.


Garnet Almandine - Stone of Tangible Truth


Garnet Almandine has regenerative healing which stimulates your strength and stamina. If you are looking for a crystal to keep you grounded and open your crown chakra this is the stone for you. Accessing personal truths and integrate them within your life. It will show you compassion and willingness to help others less fortunate.


  • Strength

  • Security

  • Dispels negativite emotions and hear the truth

  • Grounding

  • Protection

  • Arouses Kundalini energies

  • Aids recuperation from injury

  • Wisdom & greater understanding

  • Relax, Recover & Reconnect


Chakra: Root (1st)

Zodiac: Aquarius & Capricorn

Elements: Earth


Please note: Due to the fact these are natural stones, the colors may vary and not be exactly like the picture. This does in no way affect the properties of the stones.


DISCLAIMER: The healing crystal meanings are for spiritual support and are NOT prescriptions or health care.



Garnet Almandine Tumble Stone from Brazil