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Lapis Lazuli Medium Tumbled Stones - £5.95 each

Lapis Lazuli - Stone of Friendship, Truth & Awareness 💙


Lapis Lazuli Crystals are wonderful to help open your third eye and expand your senses; connects with your heart and head to create balance and interdependence in your relationships.


The Third Eye Chakra is the most mystical of all seven. While the Crown Chakra is all about your spiritual connection, the Third Eye is all about seeing clearly in both worlds of existence. Allowing you to get a clear perspective of your physical life's meaning as well as that of your spiritual path.


💙 Empowered thoughts

💙 Reduces anger

💙 Insight

💙 Mental growth

💙 Throat disorders

💙 Thyroid

💙 Hearing loss

💙 Circulation

💙 Balance

💙 Regulating blood pressure

💙 Sleep disorders

💙 Woman’s cycles

💙 Faith

💙 Third Eye

💙 Spiritual clarity

💙 Dream work

💙 Enlightenment

💙 Psychic Abilities

💙 Divine Wisdom

💙 Understanding


Lapis Lazuli Properties;

Chakras: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)

Element: Air & Water

Numerology: Number 3

Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius & Libra.

Lapis Lazuli Medium Tumbled Stone from Afghanistan


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