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Five reasons to have an Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home:


Air Purifier - By attracting water vapour, Himalayan Salt Lamps trap indoor air pollutants including allergens, mould and bacteria.


Sleep Booster - The warm orange glow of the Himalayan Salt Lamp is a calming and happy presence in a room, which can improve mood and promote sleep.


Helps Asthma Symptoms - One of the main reasons our customers buy our Himalayan Salt Lamps is to help with their asthma, and we have been amazed at the good results they have experienced.


Energy Balancer - Himalayan Salt Lamps balance positive and negative ions, which reduce radiation and airborne infection.


Odour Neutralizer - Through the hygroscopic process, Himalayan Salt Lamps will also aid in the removal of bad odours from the surrounding near environment.

  • Includes: Salt Lamp, Wooden Base, 15W Bulb, USB cord 

  • Dimensions H:10cm W:10cm D:17cm

  • GiftBox Size H:24cm W:13cm D:13cm

  • Individual Product Weight 1800g

Natural Himalayan Salt USB Lamp


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