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Approx measurements: 10cm x 10cm x 2.5cm


Selenite is white in colour and has many healing and mystical properties to the crystal. Used for good luck, protection, strengthing memory, activating the crown and higher chakras. Gives you access to information from the Pleiades, heals negativity and fears, provides alignment, cleansing abilities and excellent for spiritual work.


These must have cleansing bowls made out of Selenite crystal are excellent to use if you want a place to put your other crystals, as the selenite cleanses the other crystals by just being in the bowl. For anyone who has a lot of crystals or just a few and would like a nice place to put them, we would highly recommend.


You don’t have to just have them for crystals, use them as a trinket bowl, for rings and bracelets.


They are crystal bowls at the end of the day and fragile, so please be careful with them do not leave them in a sunny spot for no more than two hours.  Please do not put water on selenite.


  • Serenity

  • Purification

  • Peace

  • Meditation

  • Universal Consciousness & Love

  • Clarity of thought

  • Integrity

  • Spirituality & Psychic Development

  • Positive thoughts

  • Forgiveness 


Selenite Properties:

Chakras: Crown (7th)

Zodiac Signs: Taurus

Numerology: Number 2 & 8

Selenite Star Cleansing Bowl


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