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Please note: Price is per Palm Stone & Selenite Heart bowl is not included - thank you.


Unakite draws what is meant to be and aids in releasing toxic relationships and patterns.  It is a heart healing stone that can aid communication and balance.  Perfect stone for dreamwork, setting intentions, meditating to find answers to emotional questions and connecting with your spirit animals.


Unakite connects with the lower and higher chakras, especially the heart.  It encourages compassion, self-love, helps remove negative energy and unleashes hidden emotional pain.  Very good stone helping with the female reproductive system,  if you are trying to conceive, stimulates a healthy pregnancy and facilitates the health of the unborn.


  • ● Insight 

    ● Self-Love

    ● Calms

    ● Balance 

    ● Release 

    ● Pregnancy 

    ● Soul Mate


Unakite Properties:

ChakrasHeart (4th) 
Zodiac: Scorpio
PlanetMars & Venus
Element: Fire & Water
Numerology: Number 9



Unakite Palm Stone


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