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About me

Every business starts with a story or a passion. At the age of 7, I went on a school trip to the Natural History Museum in London. To this day I still remember being at the Crystal area choosing my crystals and not wanting to leave,  being transfixed by all the shiny crystals and energy that surrounded them.

That day I bought two crystals, 30+ years later, they still sit on my window seal...

Being born into a spiritual family, I learnt many things from a young age and was lucky enough to have an amazing mother, who was a great teacher. 

I dedicate this website to everything she is, everything she has taught me.  

I am a Reiki Teacher & Crystal spiritual healer/coach. Practising Reiki for over 14 years and a love of crystals.  Combining these powerful tools, creating a unique energy healing experience. I have created many crystal sessions over the years and they are available on our website from basic lessons on how to use them to crystal energy tune up and healing with crystals.

The Coronavirus Pandemic and lockdown acted as the catalyst for the birth of this business. Like many others, lockdown forced me to pause and re-evaluate my life and where it was heading. During lockdown, my father’s cancer worsened, and I began researching the numerous positive health benefits alternative therapies can have. Looking inwards, I saw how important it was for me to share the benefits of these alternative therapies with others. Sharing my passion for the healing power of crystals and the benefits crystals bring into your life, the mental health benefits of daily meditation, sound healing and yoga practice. Sharing the experience of how important it is to have balanced chakras, and how to rid negative energy when it builds up. Switching yourself from Negative to Positive, energy really is everything!


So with this in mind, I created “Always Believe In Miracles'' because we all need to believe and have faith in ourselves to reach our goals and desires.  The lady sitting on the moon sits and catches the star.  Aim high, think big and shoot for the stars always.  Created in January 2021 with a mission to help others align and gain greater insight into their own divine power.  My mission is to help others unlock and heal from past traumas, allowing you to have the knowledge that we all have the ability to create our own miracles, dreams and goals everyday.  We are the creator of our own reality, once we understand that and believe in ourselves, we can achieve anything. 

Healing comes in many forms, our bodies need constant realignment, as with every situation that surrounds us creates new thoughts and patterns. Our chakras play a huge part in balance and we must learn to realise these cycles are the first steps to healing and how to manage them is key. 

The power of crystals has been around for centuries, part of the earths magnetic field, grounding us and giving light to all situations that surround us.  At Always Believe in Miracles we can teach others how to use these crystals and work with them as your energy tool everyday.  Over time you will just know, which crystal is right for you intuitively, so you can get the best out of your own reality!


Each and every crystal is ethically sourced, grade A, high-energy vibration, delivered to you cleansed, charged and carefully sent to you with love. I source our crystals from all over the world and provide a free unique and special gift wrapping service, every package is personalised and sent with love

and light. 


So join us as we grow, expand and explore new alternative ways to help us on this beautiful human experience and journey called life.

Time to shine, much love, light & sunshine always...  

Always Believe In Miracles 


What is your purpose?

We are all created into this world the same way, some born more fortunate than others but we are all on this journey called life, learning along the way, making our own mark and imprints in each others lives.  Every experience we have shapes us and our believes.  As children we told what we are told and only know how to love but as we grow older our experiences shape the way we look at things. 


The early years of our lives are most important, the influences that build our foundation when we are young grow with us as we get older.  How we react to people in the future is usually always a condition, we are taught in our younger years by our parents/grandparents or family members. Conditions we are subjected to while young are hard to break but we must learn to rewire certain elements of conditions and cycles, which we have been subjected too.  Being aware of the cycle/pattern is the first step to healing and asking yourself, what do you truly believe is truthful.  What is your own opinion, not the opinion of your family or friends.  

Treat people with love, respect, kindness, compassion, be patient, create memories and above all, give people time.  As you never know what tomorrow brings...

However, you live your life, be the person you want to be but remember, karma is real.  If in this life time or your next, it will have an effect. 


When we are gone, how do you want to be remembered? We leave our imprints on others every day and our experiences passed on through generations.

Always surround yourself with people who make a difference in your life, who make you want to be a better person, who make you smile, who light up the room because their energy and love is priceless.  Remove the toxic people, the ones who bring you down, who drain you.  Finding out who they are is usually the toughest part and lesson to learn but when you do finally release them and remove them from your life, this is when the self-love really kicks in.  Being Selfish to your own needs is not selfish, it is self-love.  So, next time you think someone is being selfish, ask the question are they or are they just taking care of themselves! 

Find your mission and make yourself happy because this precious life is a gift to learn and experience.  Don't waste it.

Love, Live & above all just be happy!


Where you can pray

You can meditate

Where you meditate

You can dream 

Where you dream

You can visualise

Where you visualise

You can create…

Just believe in yourself and

“Always Believe in Miracles”

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