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The third eye (also called the mind's eye) is located on the forehead, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. When your third eye chakra is open, you are able to tune in and listen to your intuition. You will have a sense of self awareness and emotionally you will feel balanced. The following crystals can help with the expansion of your minds eye and to receive further messages from above.


Crystals includes the following:


  • Amethyst - Healing on all levels.  Creates a doorway to the Crown Chakra, which in turns connects us to the Universe and our Third Eye. This highly spiritual healing stone is related to contentment, peace and with easing anxiety.
  • Fluorite - is the stone of discernment and aptitude. A versatile stone, Fluorite supports spiritual awakening, opening the mind and removing distractions – opening the third eye.
  • Lapis Lazuli - Connects to ancient Egypt. This beautiful blue stone is associated with courage, awareness and truth.  Helps with seeing how things should be and communicating your thoughts & beliefs.
  • Sodalite - is the harmonising stone. Has the ability to activate the third eye and manages to balance your emotions. It has a mind-centred energy that stimulates creative ideas and clears mental confusion.  Sodalite can harmonising by understanding situations and gives confidence to speak out to what you see.


Please note: The Selenite Bowl is not included in this set. Selenite Bowls can be purchased separately. Thank you.

3rd Eye Chakra Crystal Set


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