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Amazonite heals and opens both the heart, throat chakras to enhance loving communication and opens the third eye and intuition.  Removes negative energy and blockages within the nervous system.  Through mediating this stone can bring peaceful contemplation dissolving any negative thoughts that come to the surface. If you were drawn to this stone, know that there’s a reason you chose Amazonite is said to give you the wisdom to embrace compassion by energizing and supporting your Heart Chakra. 


Life may seem overwhelming and bewildering at times, but the Amazonite can bring order to chaos with its pure light overflowing with love and hope. 


Amazonite is beneficial to people who suffer from Osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency and calcium deposits by balancing the metabolic deficiencies. It can also help with muscle spasms. 


  • Hope

  • Protection

  • Wisdom

  • Compassion

  • Creativity

  • Self-Expression

  • Manifesting Universal Love 

  • Calming

  • Communication

  • Balance 


Amazonite Properties:


Chakras: Heart (4th), Throat (5th); Third Eye (6th)

Element: Water

Numerology: Number 5

Zodiac: Virgo


Mineral components of Amazonite:


Amazonite is a variety of one of the most common rock-forming minerals in nature, feldspar. What makes it interesting is its distinctive bluish green colour, caused by exposure of the original feldspar to radiation. The feldspar has to contain the minor amount of lead and little water for colour to develop.

Amazonite with Smoky Quartz Palm Stone


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