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This beginners Crystal & Sage kit is the perfect way to start  any collection and mediation.


The Palo Santo is used with the sage for cleansing and removing negative energies and vibes.


The Selenite wand along with the smoky quartz is perfect for mediation. While working with these the Smoky Quartz will ground you and protect and the Selenite can help you connect and transform.


Rose and Malachite is beautiful stones for the heart and all round healing.


Clear Quartz promotes clarity and awareness with confidence while the Amethyst promotes all kinds of healing and creates calm into your life.


These are exceptional large tumbled stones and amazing quality.  Sourced from the mines in Brazil, you can really see the magic in these stones, with so many rainbows and colours.

Beginners Crystals, Sage & Palo Santo Kit


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