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Please note: Price is per Tumbled Stone & Selenite Heart bowl is not included - thank you.


Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone


These gorgeous larger style tumbled stones are just beautiful.  Carry around with you or have by the bedside.


Crystal quartz draws blessings of all kinds into your life; believed to bring the stars into your soul; enhances your spiritual awareness and intensifies the awakening process and harmonizes energies. Clear quartz is colourless or white.  It is known as the ‘Master Healer’ and promotes good energy, removing and absorbing negative energy.  It draws off all negative energy by neutralising the background radiation, including electromagnetic smog and petrochemical emanations.  A deep cleansing soul stone enhances psychic abilities.  


  • Energy

  • Healing

  • Psychic abilities 

  • Clarity

  • Harmony


Clear Quartz properties:


Chakra: Crown

Planet: Sun

Zodiac: All birth signs

Element: All x4 (Earth, Fire, Air & Water)

Numerology: Number 4


Clear Quartz is a 10th Anniversary gemstone.

Clear Quartz Large Tumbled Stone