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This Zoom workshop has been created for x10 people to attend (£15 each), it can be done in person too, please contact should you wish to arrange. With the number of people on this event, it will run for around an hour and half, so everyone can have their questions answered.


Do you want to know how to align and work with your crystals?

Have you ever wondered, how people really use them to help them everyday?

What do you do with them?

Where to put them?

How do you tune & cleanse them?


This will be for a group of 10 people who wish to learn all together, a fun experience where we can all share our stories through crystals. We will run through how to cleanse, tune, sage and clear energies around us with the crystals.


Crystals really do have so many amazing benefits, getting to know your crystals and working with them correctly is the essential part. People think you can just pick up a crystal and it will work, it doesn't happen like that. I will show you how to connect with them and use them everyday. You will learn how to know the crystal that suits your needs, how to use when you feel unbalanced or out of character or even to vibrate higher energy to receive messages from above. Group sessions run for an hour. So make sure you have all your crystals out and questions ready. Lets work together as we run through each crystal for you to get the most out of them.


Any questions on this or any of the sessions, please email:

Zoom Workshop - Learn how to use your Crystals Workshop x10 people


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