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Proactive Trigger Crystal Set  (Please note Selenite Heart Bowl not included)


This crystal set has been created by us to help with any issues that may trigger you.  Either with work, home life or family.  This set can help you keep aligned and centred during times of unrest.  


Our latest blog 'How to Reduce Being Triggered!' can help with some simple steps to keep yourself aligned during difficult times and we all have those at some point in our lives.


The set includes: 


  • Apalite Tumbled Stonehelps by working through your emotions to express them even when you are not calm.
  • Bloodstone Tumbled Stone Encourages wiser reactions and can help if a discussion does start to fester some heat inside you! 
  • Howlite Palm Stone can help calm and soften your manner, while keeping your mind open. 
  • Kyanite Tumbled Stone can help defuse anger and can be used after you are trigged.
  • Smoky Quartz Large Tumbled Stone Excellent stone that helps ground you into your inner strength. Used with meditation can keep you strong and able to navigate the ups and downs in the world.


Sending much love and light to you and remember to breathe.



Proactive Trigger Crystal Set


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