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These beautiful Selenite Angels are just magical.  Place them anywhere in your home.


Size: H10cm x W6cm x D3cm


Selenite is white in colour and has many healing and mystical properties to the crystal. Used for good luck, protection, strengthing memory, activating the crown and higher chakras. Gives you access to information from the Pleiades, heals negativity and fears, provides alignment, cleansing abilities and excellent for spiritual work.


🤍 Serenity

🤍 Cleansing

🤍 Calming

🤍 Purification

🤍 Peace

🤍 Meditation

🤍 Universal

🤍 Consciousness

🤍 Love

🤍 Clarity of thought

🤍 Integrity

🤍 Spirituality

🤍 Psychic

🤍 Development

🤍 Positive thoughts

🤍 Forgiveness


Selenite Properties:

Chakras: Crown (7th)

Zodiac Signs: Taurus

Numerology: Number 2 & 8

Selenite Medium Angel

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