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Please note: Price is per crystal set & Selenite Heart Bowl is not included, thank you.


Self Love Crystal Set


We have carefully chosen these beautiful crystals for ‘Self-Love’ (see our new blog post, under Blog section on our website) Should you not wish to get the set, you can always purchase this stones individually.  All are available on our tumbled stones section :)


Focuses on the healing of the inner child and self love, it practices on healing, forgiving, compassion and deep sense of self worth. Usually a lot of our self love comes to our relationships around us when we are young. (This is quite expensive tumbled stone from Peru)


Promotes Self love & self confidence. Rhodonite helps you solve problems with no judgment.


Red Opal
The joy of love and being in love. Helps to relieve negative energies such as anxiety, sadness and despair. Regaining passion and energy in your life.


Citrine is a powerful tool that works on your higher self to heal old patterns, increases self esteem and attracts abundance.


Creates positive life choices and motivates for success. Helps removes negative patterns and encourages steadfastness. Releases past pain, trauma and gives you that fiery kick start.



Self Love Crystal Set


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