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Clearing old stuck energy in the home and making room for new energy to flow through.


The universe likes a vacuum, and until we clear the space you can’t move on. 


This home cleanse is great for relationship breakdowns as well. When a partner leaves its a good time to get the home cleansed and saged.  This cleanse is great when a partner has left or a breakdown in communications.  


Cleansing the space will allow the energy to flow again and give you the ability to clear space for a new relationship or even a reconnection to yourself and who you truly are.


This session can bring closure around relationships and clears the path to move forward. At the end of the session you get to keep all the crystals in the rooms. You will feel a load taken off your shoulders and a spring in your step. 


The cost includes up to 6 rooms, further rooms will require a £5 extra charge.

Current Home Cleanse