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These sessions are for those who are wishing to speak light language and would like to activate their higher self.  Light language is a key tool for those who would like to expand their heart chakra. 


Would you like to connect to your higher soul language?

Would you like to know about your past lives or future lives?

How can you incorporate these skills in everyday life?

How can you heal your current situations by speaking it and heal the situations around you?


Let me show you how!  This is an hour of talking, activation and connection to your higher self.  These sessions are done viritually on Zoom, so you don't even have to leave home.


Natasha uniquely taps into your soul language and able to activate you to your light language.  Everyone has there own unique soul language, getting to know this language and then tapping into your past lives is a perfect way to find your higher self and tune in to those frequencies.  Once the light language starts to flow, i will give you homework to expand the language. We then can meet once a week or month after to expand the language.


As you transition, you will experience more light language codes and activations. Light langage has an ability to heal and transform any situation around you.  It is said to be the new quantum healing enabling you to tap into more higher frequencies surrounding you. 


Enlighten yourself, reconnect to your soul and your true purpose in life.  


If you would like further details or unsure, please email me to discuss further. Please contact:


On booking, Natasha will contact you or you can send an email for your appointment date and time.



Private one 2 one - Light Language Activation sessions


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