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Sun, 18 Sept


North End

Powerful Crystal Healing Tune up

Feeling stuck? Emotionally, physically, and mentally? Why not come to one of our Crystal Healing Tune up sessions in the most idyllic countryside setting. Relax and unwind as we tune and take away those stresses from your general day to day life....

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Powerful Crystal Healing Tune up
Powerful Crystal Healing Tune up

Time & Location

18 Sept 2022, 18:00 – 20:00 BST

North End, Brook Hill, North End, Dunmow CM6 3PQ, UK

About the event

Feeling stuck? Emotionally, physically, and mentally?  Why not come to one of our Crystal Healing Tune up sessions in the most idyllic countryside setting.  Relax and unwind as we tune and take away those stresses from your general day to day life....  £50 investment price.

Sunday 18th September 6-8pm at the stunning Saints Green Place, North End. CM6 3PQ.  Message for further details or email

The first hour with be a very gentle yoga practice breathing techniques, and meditation. Whilst Maria founder of Firefly Yoga, takes you through a balancing and releasing yoga sequence, Natasha who is a reiki master and crystal intuitive healer will come around placing crystals on or around on your body. The second hour is a crystal healing bowl session. Maria specializes in therapeutic sound sequences that are designed to clear your entire energy body, organ systems, meridians, and chakra’s.  Natasha Founder of Always Believe In Miracles, at the same time will be surrounding your body institutively with crystals. Once the crystals have been placed on you. Maria will start to play the crystal singing bowls and as you relax, Natasha will cleanse your surrounding aura, aligning the body even further. As you gently drift away into a beautiful place, knowing that you are being balanced and aligned. This is a very powerful tune up session and after that we suggest that you drink plenty of water.  You may like to try the Crystal infused water, we have on offer, and indulge yourself with a healthy energy bar.

For your comfort yoga mats, props, blankets and lavender eye pillows are all provided, wear something comfortable and bring plenty of layers and a bottle of water.

Crystal healing is an energy-based system. This means it is based on the belief that we are all made up of different energies and that when this becomes stagnant, unbalanced, or blocked, it can cause illness. Crystals healing can help unblock, balance, and direct energy where it is most needed, gently supporting the body to heal in a therapeutic way. Natasha founder of Always Believe In Miracles has extensive knowledge of the different crystals and how they affect us and is able to use them in healing session, she will be placing crystals on your chakra points individually throughout the whole session. The types of crystals used, and their positioning will depend on what the client is seeking support for. This could range from a physical concern such a headache or stress to more emotional or spiritual concerns.

Yoga is also a perfect tool to release emotional tension in the body and to experience the healing that comes with this release. Maria will show you the many tools that we can use within a yoga practice to uncover deeply stored emotions, bring them to the surface, and let them completely release from the body. All yoga traditions talk about energy pathways, some call them marma, other meridians, nadis or channels. These pathways are a complex system in the body where your energy, life force, prana or chi moves. It is said that we have 72,000 nadis (channels) moving energy through our system. Energy is like water, it should be moving to keep it fresh, otherwise you’ll create a stagnant swamp. During the practice gentle movement, breathing techniques, and meditation.

Sound healing, which is also known as sound therapy has been practiced since ancient times. The concept of sound therapy is based on the idea that every part of your body creates a vibration which resonates in a certain way. Put another way, vibrational healing is based on the idea that everything in the universe - including our bodies - is in a state of vibration. When your body is out of balance, diseases can result. That is, illness is caused by blockage which stops the organ in question from vibrating at its healthy frequency. Sound healing works by sending sound waves throughout your body, which brings harmony through oscillation and resonance. This helps restore your body’s balance which in turn helps you heal.

You may experience – when your Root chakra is blocked.

. Feeling stuck in life or feeling sluggish, inflexible

. Stress due to over-reliance on external circumstances.

. Feeling you are not good enough the way you are.

. Feeling ungrounded.

. Feeling unsafe and insecure.

. Home life feels chaotic and unsettled.

You may experience – when your Sacral Chakra is blocked.

. Difficulty becoming emotionally or sexually intimate.

. A struggle towards a healthy self-image.

. Lower back and hop mobility problems.

. Feeling easily overwhelmed emotionally.

. Loss of imagination and no creativity.

. Out of touch with emotions and closed off.

You may experience- when your Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked.

. Feeling powerless or victimized.

. Giving your power away to others as you feel this is necessary to keep peace in relationships.

. Not committed to acting on your plans or dreams because of poor self-esteem.

. Digestive issues and abdominal pain.

. Low self-esteem.

. Overinflated ego.

. Inability to commit.

. Inability to follow through with goals.

You may experience – when your Heart Chakra is blocked.

. Fear of commitment and feelin like you have to please others to be loved.

. The need to hold grudges.

. Asthma, and allergies.

. Pain in your upper back or chest.

. Tight shoulders or alternatively, overly flexible in the shoulders.

. Inability to receive love in any of its forms.

. Lack of self-compassion.

. Unable to emotionally connect to others, especially with love.

You may experience – when your Throat Chakra is blocked.

. Fear of speaking up and saying what you want or feel.

. Feeling inclined to go along with others so you do not upset anyone.

. Sore throat or feeling like your throat is blocked.

. Jaw pain or have a habit of grinding your teeth.

. Pain or stiffness in your neck.

. Nervously cannot stop talking.

You may experience – when your Third Eye Chakra is blocked.

. Struggle to find meaning in life and often ask yourself ‘why am I am here"

. Difficulty making decisions.

. Headaches and tension in your brow area.

. Brain fog.

. Lack of inspiration.

. Overactive imagination.

You may experience when your Crown Chakra is blocked.

. Loneliness, insignificance, and aimlessness.

. Overly attached to material objects or achievements while having difficulty connecting to    the more spiritual part of life.

. Migraines and tension headaches.

. Unable to see others point of view or ideas.

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