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Energy card readings is a beautiful way to read cards.  We use these instead of Tarot as they are a gentle way to read your energy.  Soft and gentle way to show you the direction and help answer questions without knowing the outcome.  Remembering you are the creator of your own destiny. 


The cards chosen will be used as a guide, the reader may also channel messages from their own spirit guides as well as yours.  Giving clarity and clear guidance to situations you are going through.  Intuitively they will read your energy and through the guidance of the cards.  


Once purchased, we will send you an email on the dates available.  Once your time has been confirmed, you will be sent an email with the telephone number to call.


The reader will advise you when you have two minutes left of your time.  Please remember this reading is only for 30 mins.  Extra time can be purchased at a rate of £1.50 per minute. 


Enjoy your reading and please remember this is for entertainment only.

Energy Card Readings - 30 minutes


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