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Please note: Price is per Rhodonite Heart.  Ethnically sourced from Peru & Grade A quality. 


Rhodonite is very effective stone for shedding old patterns and pain, it has a strong heart based energy that has a useful healing to help with relationship problems, bringing peace to troubled ones.  It can help you remain solid as a rock throughout the course of the day.  Rather than give your energies to worrying and trying to control things beyond your control, it will keep you focused.


  • Helps to discover hidden talents
  • Compassion
  • Love
  • Generosity
  • Supports with weight loss
  • Detoxification & purification
  • Good for the liver & kidneys


Rhodonite Properties:

Chakras: Heart (4th), Root (1st)

Numerology: Number 9

Zodiac Signs: Taurus