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SOLD BUT AVAILABLE TO RE ORDER Email: for further details 💜


This one off piece is just stunning!  An original for your collection directly sourced directly from the mine in Brazil.


This stone is known to be a female balancer that helps you accept devotion and receive universal gifts. It is a stone of love, healing and nurturing helping heal old emotional wounds, especially those dating from childhood.  Encourages kindness and radiates loving energy that will have an effect on the energy around you.


This stone connects to the heart chakra and crown chakra, a gentle and peaceful energy that alleviates stress and balancing emotions.


Top Three Benefits of Pink Tourmaline Stones


  • Helps you recover from emotional wounds & negative patterns

  • Gives you confidence and willingness to love again

  • Clears emotional stress and brings calm into your life


Approx size: 8cm length x 7cm width x5 depth

Rough Pink Tourmaline Crystal