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Please note: The Selenite Heart Bowl is not included in the set, it can be purchased separately, thank you.


Sweet Dreams Crystals are a perfect for bed time.


Anyone who struggles to sleep you might find these crystals helpful and a great addition to your crystal collection.


Amethyst: Calming and a protective crystal while you sleep.


Clear Quartz: Helps cleanses your thoughts while giving you pleasant dreams.


Hematite: Helps ground you while sleeping and assists on remembering the knowledge or your dream.


Howlite: Relieves insomnia and assists with a restful night sleep.


Rose Quartz: Opens your heart and emotions, focuses energy on self-love, inner peace, tranquility, healing and beautiful dreams.


Selenite: Gives you access to information from the Pleiades; heals negativity and fears, provides alignment and cleansing abilities.


These crystals combined can help with a restful nights sleep. 


Sweet dreams....


Sweet Dreams Crystal Pouch Set


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