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Black Tourmaline and its benefits...

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Benefits of Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline crystal is often regarded as one of the most indispensable stones for protection. Sometimes called the 'bodyguard stone', black tourmaline is the protector of energy within your home, body, and mind.

With so many of us spending more time than we would like inside our homes these days, we wanted to highlight some of this protection stone's healing properties when using it in your home. This is especially important when electrical devices and computer screens are being used more often than usual for both work and play.

So, if you have found yourself surrounded by more technology, gadgets, and zoom meetings than ever before, continue reading to discover what the black tourmaline crystal can do to help you feel calmer and at ease among all the technology.

The healing properties of black tourmaline crystals.

This solid black stone is also known as Schorl or Aphrizite and is found in Quartz or Mica's vicinity. The high amounts of iron in the stone make it black, and it is also the iron that is responsible for its energetic properties.

We regularly recommend this protective stone for anyone who needs a ring of protection around them. It serves to protect us from others' negative thoughts and energy, and it can be a lifesaver in a new or unfamiliar setting. We also recommend this stone for protection against electric and magnetic fields (EMF), which can have adverse effects on the body over time.

It is with these recommendations in mind that we decided to write this article. The negative side effects of electromagnetic fields are no secret, but not everyone has fully discovered how the black tourmaline crystal can relieve the problems our technology is causing.


How does the black tourmaline crystal protect against electromagnetic radiation?

Not all healing stones have the power to protect you against electromagnetic fields. It is widely considered that crystals containing high iron levels are the most effective when dealing with the radiation caused by electrical currents around the house. The key to black tourmaline's protective properties is the high levels of iron it contains.

What is unique about black tourmaline, is that the crystal's negative polarity is contrasted with the positive polarity of electromagnetism. This powerful crystal actually has an electrical charge itself. Therefore, it is said to have the ability to effectively cancel out electromagnetic frequencies before they have a chance to interfere with our bodies. Some of our customers have gone a step further and described this stone as being able to transmute negative energy into positive energy.

What is electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is all around us. This type of radiation can interfere with our natural energy, and it comes from various sources around the home and things like mobile communications technology. In the house, it emanates from all electrical appliances and computers. It basically emits from anything that uses electrical energy, whether it is wired or battery-powered.

Try to imagine a field of energy radiating from anything with a battery or a wire attached to it. Look around you; how many devices do you see? We are so used to being surrounded by technology these days that we perhaps pay less attention to it than normal.

An increasing number of people are experiencing 'Electromagnetic hypersensitivity', or EHS, with symptoms that include headaches, trouble sleeping, poor concentration, and mood disorders. The research suggests that EHS has the potential to become a significant public health issue.

How to use the 'bodyguard stone' in your home.

Carrying a chunk of tourmaline with you wherever you go is always recommended, it will help you stay grounded and protect you from all kinds of negative energy. Today, we are primarily concerned with the negative energy caused by electricity in the home, so we want to encourage you to place your black tourmaline around the house.

Most rooms have hot-spots of electrical wires, such as under the desk or behind the TV. By placing your black tourmaline crystals in these areas, you will allow the crystal to absorb the negative energy and leave the surrounding area less polluted by radiation.

Many people discuss how vital cleansing your tourmaline in saltwater is. This is due to the extreme work it does in shielding us from radiation 24/7. Of all the stones in our houses, this one rarely gets any rest, with computers and appliances running almost constantly. Take good care of your black tourmaline with a salt bath, or even a trip to the seaside.


If you are in any doubt about this crystal's unique powers, you owe it to yourself to try it out. If you have managed to avoid most of the harmful technology in your lives and have created a lifestyle without the need for it, then power to you. For many of us, living with technology is a necessary evil. Still, we refuse to accept the harmful consequences without finding remedies and ways to balance its impact on our lives.

Crystals have been used for healing since the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. They didn't have electricity back then, but they were sure to have found the black tourmaline's protective powers a benefit, which is why we still use them to this day.

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