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Events for May 2023

Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you all had a great Easter, feeling rested and ready for the next month ahead.

Thought would send out to you our fabulous events coming up in May and so many wonderful things to look forward to as the warm weather slowly makes its way to us.

On Friday 5th of May, join me for the Crystal 5/5 Making Changes Workshop and Full Moon Release, at The Maltings, Mill Ln, Great Dunmow, Dunmow CM6 1BG.

05/05 is all about change, setting intentions, healing, manifest and create. It's wonderful that it lands on a Full Moon too, making the energies on this special day very powerful indeed. We will run through the full moon and it will be a perfect time to release anything that no longer serves you. I will run through the crystals, we will be using and will show you how to connect with them.

Bring along your own crystals to the event or can purchase crystals while you are there as our online shop will be open. Please click on the link below to attend the event, would be lovely to have you there.

Saturday 6th May 2023

Our next event is with the lovely Tillie from The Wellproject. This is fully booked for Saturday 6th May, but good news we have this same event on the Saturday 24th June for Crystal Tune up and Chakra Balance sound healing, from 9:30 to 11am at Saint Green Place.

This is a very powerful tuning session, combining crystals and sound within the aura, we suggest after you drink plenty of water, flushing out the toxics. Together, you will be guided into deep mediation with Tilly’s sound healing instruments. Allow her to take you on a grounding, sensory experience to balance your chakra energy system.

Crystals will be placed on your body that will cleanse your surrounding aura, aligning your body even further. After the experience, you will be asked to write down what you experience during your session, this will work as a reference guide for future sessions.

To book 24th June 2023, please click the link below. Space is limited so it is recommended to book ahead as it is very popular event. Look forward to seeing you there :)

Saturday 13th May 2023 at 2pm to 3.30pm

Healing & Release, this is new event and I happy to have joined forces with these two beautiful healers Anita and Beverley. We will be working our magic on you for this beautiful afternoon of healing and release. So join us on Saturday 13th at The Maltings, Great Dunmow, Dunmow CM6 1BG, from 14:00 to 15:30.

During this magical healing event, Anita, Beverley & Natasha will work on your chakra alignment. Creating balance and alignment throughout your body, with the use of crystals, sound and reflexology.

A small introduction:

Cleansing and releasing healing circle, which will consist of crystal healing and cleansing, a reflexology treatment to clear any blockages and to heal any physical injuries you may have. A guided meditation and crystal bowl sound bath to bring in deep healing and channelled sound frequencies to bring in you your own unique light codes for healing and release.

Natasha will align and adjust your energy flow with crystals and sound. Using crystals and specific vibrational sound we can shift the energy, unblock and realign and balance energy. Natasha has extensive knowledge of the different crystals and will be placing crystals on your chakra points during the session.

Beverley is a reiki and reiki drum healer and sound healer; she brings in her channelled unique voice sounding along with the sounds of her crystal singing bowls. Guiding you on a drumming journey to take you to a deep place of relaxation and will then play her crystal bowls infusing the sound with reiki chanting, sound healing and light language to weave around the room healing and releasing light codes to enable you to receive the perfect sound healing experience.

Anita, a Reflexologist will use her fingers and thumbs to apply gentle pressure on specific points over the foot or hands, the reflexes on the foot or hands will correspond to different parts of the body. Reflexology can aid relaxation, reduce stress, anxiety and allows the body to naturally heal itself. Anita will focus on the solar plexus area in the centre of the foot or hand, which helps with relaxation and removing any blockages connected with your self-confidence, self-esteem and your personal power.

To book this event, please click on the link below.

Tuesday 16th May, Compass Studio in Chelsea

Last but not the least, we have the Learn about Crystals and their unique energy. On Tuesday, 16th May from 19:45 to 21:45 at Compass Studio, 9A Lamont Road, Chelsea SW10 0HP.

In this workshop, you will be provided with a full set of crystals to work with (these can be purchased after should you wish). Natasha will run through each crystal, with an activation, meditation, and connecting the crystal to your chakras and aura field. We will learn how to use each crystal and why and how we can get the best out of them (instead of them just collecting dust on our shelves!).

The workshop starts at 7.45 and run for around 2 hours. Natasha will answer any questions you may have throughout the workshop. This is a key part of this workshop is learning how to use them when you are feeling unbalanced, out of character, and how to re-program yourself to vibrate on a higher frequency.

Please click the link for more details and to book this event.

Lots of new events will be coming soon, please keep a eye out on our social media posts.

Any questions, please send a message. Hope to see you all again soon. Until then, sending much love and sunshine to you.


Founder at Always Believe In Miracles


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