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About Natasha: Self-Healing and Empowerment Through Health & Wellbeing Crystals

About Natasha: A journey of Self-Healing & Empowerment through Health & Wellbeing with Crystals
Natasha Longman: Self-Healing & Empowerment with Crystals

Hey, Natasha here! Some of you may already know me through our events or one-2-one sessions. However many of you may not, so I wanted to write a short piece to tell you all a bit about myself, my background and the services I provide.

Who I Am:

At my core, I am an energy healer - with a passion for helping others realign and embark on their own journeys of self-healing, discovery and empowerment. Throughout my life, I've cultivated a unique approach to healing, incorporating reiki, crystals, cleansing, wanding, colours, numbers, past life visions and various forms of light language. My clients often experience a profound sense of lightness, increased awareness after our sessions and a clearer enlighten outlook to situations surrounding them.

My Background:

Coming from a long line of spiritual women, my journey into the realm of energy healing started at a young age. Growing up, my mother, a psychic medium and healer, introduced me to Tarot cards and the transformative power of spiritual healing energy. At the age of seven, my love affair with crystals began. Their healing energy fascinated me, and I knew deep within that they held incredible potential for transformation.

Thinking I should follow a more “traditional route”, after my education I found myself in the City, working in the world of investment banking. Destiny clearly had other plans for me, however. At 25, I fell ill with glandular fever, which left me bedridden for an entire month. During this challenging period, I sought alternative therapies and embarked on a profound self-healing journey. Reiki became my solace and my guide, helping me regain my strength and vitality. It was during this time, I decided that I wanted a different career path and so I took the decision to leave the corporate world behind.

Again my life took a turn. Shortly after my recovery I got married and along came my first son quickly after. However, I struggled to conceive again and once more turned to my Reiki practice, using it every day along with my crystals and reflexology for alternative ways to fall pregnant.

After becoming a mum, I was once again at a crossroads - what to do with my life. It was time to do something for myself. The question was whether I should go ahead and build my wellness business or join my friend and set up a different business together. So being an empath, I went down a different career path. A detour which ultimately gave me the key tools to set up Always Believe in Miracles.

Ultimately, after a few diversions, my path bought me back to where I am now. Full circle but where I am meant to be. I am so grateful for all the lessons I have learnt and am proud of who I have become. I am still healing, still building, and still learning. Isn't that what life is about?! The journey to learn and experience!

Services I Offer:

I believe that behind every illness is an unhealed trauma. The pressure and restrictions placed upon us cause our chakras to become misaligned. Balanced chakras play a vital role in our overall well-being, and I incorporate crystals, grounding, meditation, numerology, life path numbers, and colours into my clients' daily routines to help them maintain their energy and alignment.

Health & Wellbeing with Crystals:

During my healing sessions, I focus on realigning my clients' chakras, providing insight, and helping them find their life's purpose. Health & wellbeing crystals are at the heart of everything I do, so I use only high vibrational, ethically sourced, and grade-A crystals, which can be felt by immediate touch. The higher vibrational crystals I use result in more potent healing and tune-ups, acting as conduits for moving positive energy flow into the body and removing blockages. All my treatments are non-invasive, making them an excellent option for those looking to ease stress and anxiety or bring physical healing to the body.

In addition to my healing sessions, I also offer workshops that teach clients how to manipulate their own energy, rewire limiting beliefs, and create their own destiny. I believe each person has the power to become a champion of their own energy, and my workshops are designed to help them tap into that power.

For more information, you can also take a look at the recent coverage in Health & Wellbeing magazine.

Work With Me:

If you're feeling stuck or stagnant in your life, or if you're experiencing physical or emotional pain, my healing sessions and workshops may be just what you need to start moving forward. With my expertise and unique approach to energy healing, you can release old traumas and negative energy, realign your chakras, and become the champion of your own energy. Don't wait to start your healing journey - book a session with me today and see how I can help you unlock your full potential.

Life is amazing, we only have such a small time on this planet, we should enjoy every day, live it like it is our last, and spend it with those we love because tomorrow is never a guarantee.

Before I wish you the most amazing day, please make sure you keep a check on our event/workshop page. It is always being updated with new future events.

Hope to meet you soon or if you have any questions, please email or message.

Sending much love & sunshine always



Always Believe in Miracles

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