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Meditation - Breaking The Blocks

We all know how important meditation is and its effects on mental health and physical health. Numerous studies and scientific evidence shows how a meditation practice can impact us for the better. Check out our blog about 'The Benefits of Meditation', BUT how do you meditate if you aren't a yogi or monk. This blog will go over the best ways to kick off your first meditation practice or even get you back to that practice you once loved.

1 - Creating a Practice

First things first, meditation isn't about being able to clear your mind of everything. If you are a woman, you know how incredibly hard that is J! Meditation can be what you make it, but ideally, it's a "practice" noticed this word? ….. it means no one is perfect, and there isn't an ideal way to practice. You decide and choose what type of meditation is right for you. There are various meditation genres, from focusing on your breath, slowing heart rates through to clearing energy, healing and manifestation. Check the different types of meditation out there and choose to start with the one that is simple and easy. Remember, this is a practice, not a competition.

2- Choose the time of day to meditate

Choosing the right time of day makes all the difference. We are going to jump into a bit of science here. Our brains operate at different brain waves thought the day. We start with beta waves for everyday life; these waves are very fast, dropping down to Alpha waves which are more relaxed and slower, then lowers to Theta, where mediation and creativity are born. Finally, Delta our deep sleep state. Each evening we go from beta – Alpha – Theta to Delta naturally and the same when we wake but in the opposite order i.e.:- Delta, Theta, Alpha and then Beta. If the aim of getting into a calm meditative state, then meditating when you first wake up or just before bed makes the process so much easier! If you meditate just as you wake up, before looking at your phone, you will be lingering around a calm Alpha state, which is so much easier to drop down to Theta brain waves where all the magic happens. Another tip is don't meditate in your bedroom. Your brain associates your bedroom with sleep, and hence you can often fall asleep during meditation which are those Delta waves that we aren't looking to achieve. Pick a place where you are comfortable and won't be disturbed. You can sit, lay down or even do a walking meditation if you are more of a seasoned meditator.

3- Be Patient

When you first sit down to meditate, all the good intentions in the world get sabotaged, and it isn't your weak willpower. Up until the age of 35, 90% of our brains are on autopilot; they run without us even thinking about them. The brain likes to run programs rather than learn new ones. Think of meditating like trying to ride a wild stallion horse. You can't just jump on and control that stallion; he is stubborn and doesn't want to listen. This is what is happening in your brain when you sit down to meditate. The amygdala part of the brain, which keeps us safe and protects us, starts to panic. "What are you doing? We need to get up, feed the cat, make the kids breakfast-oh and don't forget to hand that paperwork to your boss today". Just know this is normal. We need to train the stallion, which takes some time. Just being able to sit for 20 minutes listening to a guided meditation took me three months of training. My amygdala made every possible excuse and even made it uncomfortable even to sit still. It got to the stage I felt I was having a battle of my mind and told my body I wasn't moving for 20 mins so we could either have a struggle or surrender. Finally, after two months, the stallion gave in, and all I can describe was this bliss feeling. Not only had I finally made changes, but I was starting to feel the benefits everyone speaks about. It may take you longer or quicker, depending on how much chatter is in your head.

4 – Posture

As I mentioned earlier, you can certainly lay down if you wish for meditation, but if you are a newbie, I would suggest learning to stay awake in an Alpha brainwave state. This is easier to achieve when sitting up, as you will notice if you nod off. By the way, expect this to happen even if you are sitting as when you first start out, gradually you will be able to sustain a Theta or even Alpha brainwave state without falling asleep but being very dreamlike. Being in this dreamlike Alpha state is where you can reprogram if you wish your subconscious of any blocks you have. This again takes time and intention but is very powerful for transformation. Using certain crystals to tune in to possibilities or keeping you calm will help with the transition. The advanced posture stages such as walking meditation start with a sitting first and keeping in that Alpha state while moving in nature.

5- Gadgets and software to help you meditate

There are so many guided meditations on the market today, Calm and Headspace are probably the two of the biggest platforms; however, there are so many I have used over the years from Deepak Chopra etc. I have been using Dr Joe Dispenza's meditations for the last four years and love them. His meditations are guided. Dispenza explains the science behind what is happening to your body to understand each step and what to expect. When you learn the knowledge first, I believe it makes the practice much more effortless.

If you are into tracking your health and progress, then meditation gadgets like MUSE. Muse works as a neurofeedback device, a headband you put on and works with your own heart rate and body movement. For instance, you will hear birds singing when you are more relaxed but storms and other noises when you lose focus. These guided meditations can be from as little one minute to all the hours you want to meditate. Muse makes it helpful to stay on track, and the app rewards you and gives you praise for achieving a meditation practice which the brain loves to achieve and score points!

Whatever style of meditation you choose, go into it with a playful mind, not to get a tick box or must have but to do something for you and your inner light to nurture and bring to the world.

Have a beautiful blessed day, much love & light always


Always Believe In Miracles


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