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How to Reduce Being Triggered!

Everyone has that person or family member who knows how to push your buttons, trigger you no matter how much you try and keep calm. Being able to express anger healthily can be challenging. You don't want to scream and shout at people and even more critical, not expressing your emotions can cause suppressed anger, which is linked to the start of many diseases.

So what can you do and how do you move forward?

1 – Prevention

Let's start with what I call your human forcefield. This is like your light body shield of armour. The larger this field around you, the more knocks you can take before anything affects you. However, if this invisible force-field isn't strong, i.e., lack of sleep, nutrition, or feeling disconnected, you will feel direct hits.

Ever felt someone's words cut like a real sword? Life and death are in the tongue, so words are very powerful. The more you work on your forcefield, the better prepared for anything or anyone triggering you. Smoky Quartz is an excellent stone that helps ground you into your inner strength. Used with meditation can keep you strong and able to navigate the ups and downs in the world.

2 - Proactive

We can be proactive and prepare if we know a family dinner or situation can trigger us upfront. Take some deep breaths before making the call or entering the environment that may trigger you. Visualise the meeting or conversation going well and feeling good. Howlite crystals help calm and soften your manner and keep an open mind. With its soothing energy tied with the throat and third eye chakras. Howlite a go-to palm stone you can keep with you for all occasions. Bloodstone is another crystal that encourages wiser reactions. This is a great help if a discussion does start to fester some heat inside you! Bloodstone will help your communication and actions while using this stone.

3- Releasing anger in a healthy way

With all the good intentions in the world, sometimes our prevention isn't strong enough, and something or someone breaks down our forcefield. So how do you deal with anger? Anger can range from mild annoyance to full-on rage, which often leads to aggressive behaviours. Anger is accompanied by physical symptoms, raised heart rate, blood pressure and sky-high adrenaline levels.

Therefore the first point of diffusion is to move. Go for a walk, run, a session on a boxing mat or even singing! Yes, singing! Putting on your favourite song linked to how you feel singing at the top of your lungs ( regardless if it's out of tune) will help diffuse the adrenaline. Kyanite crystals help defuse anger and can be used after you are triggered.

Next is working through your emotions to express them even when you aren't at the calm stage. I like to use Blue Apatite while journaling the situation. There is something very healing about writing whatever you want to say with the freedom to speak. It's such a solid release to write down your feelings and then close the book. You empty your mind of racing thoughts.

Last but not least significant is to breathe! When we are angry, we tend to breathe very shallowly, which causes us to be in fight or flight mode in our brain. The thinking part of our brain is then shut off, so all possibilities of looking at the situation go out of the window. It's just like the saying lets sleep on it and make the decision in the morning. Take in a deep breath and hold for two seconds, then breath out as long as possible; this slows your heart rate and blood pressure down and opens up the other side of the brain, which deals with rational thoughts.

Above are the suggested crystals we mentioned on the blog above. We have put links on the crystals to help you locate these items and read further on these beautiful crystals.

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Please note: If you are ever caught up in feelings that things are getting on top of you or abuse in any way. Please seek advise and talk, raise awareness to people around you, how you are feeling and how you are made to feel is important steps of awareness and self love. Don't ever feel like you are alone because there is always someone who can help.

Please remember that talking and acknowledging there is a problem, is the first stage of healing and resolving the issue.

Have a beautiful blessed day, much love & light always


Always Believe In Miracles


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