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Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are doing well this July and learning to take some quality time out for yourselves. Its important to always honour ourselves and be selfish sometimes. Take a break from the regular routine, even just for 10 mins. Find a quite spot to just sit and breathe. Its quite remarkable how different you can feel within 10 minutes by just honouring yourself. Energy changes and frequency raises... So next time you feel your anxiety mountaining or someone has said something to trigger you, just take 10 mins out and breathe...

Just wanted to touch base with you all, say hi and let you know about all the new exciting things happening at Always Believe In Miracles.

We have some wonderful new crystals coming on board soon, so watch this space. Our events and workshops are hotting up too. Our Zoom crystal workshops have been going really well, so if interested please reach out.

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