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Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are doing well this July and learning to take some quality time out for yourselves. Its important to always honour ourselves and be selfish sometimes. Take a break from the regular routine, even just for 10 mins. Find a quite spot to just sit and breathe. Its quite remarkable how different you can feel within 10 minutes by just honouring yourself. Energy changes and frequency raises... So next time you feel your anxiety mountaining or someone has said something to trigger you, just take 10 mins out and breathe...

Just wanted to touch base with you all, say hi and let you know about all the new exciting things happening at Always Believe In Miracles.

We have some wonderful new crystals coming on board soon, so watch this space. Our events and workshops are hotting up too. Our Zoom crystal workshops have been going really well, so if interested please reach out.

I wanted to take some time to write this to say thank you for your support this year and last year. Its a journey that just keeps on getting better and so happy to share this with you.

Below are some of the new events coming up soon. The Full Moon Release Fire Celebration on Thursday 11th August in a beautiful rural location in Felsted, Essex. It really is just stunning venue and we are super excited. Only a few tickets remaining, so if interested please reach out.

We have the Align & Balance your Chakras with Yoga and Crystals Day Retreat this coming Saturday 30th July but this is already sold out. Good news is we another one on 10th September. The Day retreat is set in a beautiful rural hideaway, It features a Yoga Chakra Masterclass gaining greater knowledge of where the chakras are located, how the chakras relate to your overall well-being. The day will include, yoga, new moon meditation, crystal pouch sets, crystal knowledge & how to use them. Crystal sound bowls & tune ups. Action packed day just for you - please just click on the picture for the link to the event.

On the 17th September we have the day retreat at Kings Lynn, Norfolk, where you can immerse yourself in nature as you pause, unplug and reconnect to the 5 elements of nature at our day retreat in Kings Lynn, Norwich this September. This retreat has been created to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Take time out for yourself and learn to switch off to the elements around you.... Please just click on the picture for the link to the event.

18th September we have the start of our Powerful Crystal Healing Tune up - Relax and unwind as we tune and take away those stresses from your general day to day life.... Clients really do love these sessions...

More dates coming soon and some exciting news for October and November 2022. So, please keep on checking the website for more details and future events from Always Believe In Miracles.

Wishing you the most amazing evening and week ahead.

Just before I sign off remember its the New Moon in Leo on 28th July 2022, which will bring us to new state of consciousness and opening up a new version of ourselves. This new moon will bring many questions, which way do you want to go? Have you realised your talents as yet? What are you going to do about it? Love, talent, expression with the new moon in Leo. New Moons make us realise not to dim our lights but to shine brightly especially in the Leo sign. So find your roar, be courageous, be strong and shine your unique light.

Sending much love and healing light energy to you all.


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